Learn how a State Farm grant is helping abandoned pets
and veterans, too.

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The Power of a Good Idea

Learn how a State Farm grant is helping abandoned pets and veterans, too.

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[Dogs barking, cats meowing]

[Exterior of Patriots for Pets Shelter and Rescue, Mason City, Iowa]

[Debbie Kern, Rescue Coordinator, Patriots for Pets] “Patriots for Pets serves the community. We are 100 percent volunteer based. The State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant gave us the funds we needed to kickstart the construction of our new building.”

“We have a Wounded Warrior program. And what that does is that helps place companion animals with the wounded warriors who have served our country.”

“We just hit a little over 1,200 animals adopted since we started April 11, 2013.”

“Without us being here, of the 1,200 animals we’ve placed, more than 1,000 of them would probably be dead today. Because they came out of kill shelters that had them scheduled to be euthanized so we think we’ve made a huge impact. You know, not in the thousands and thousands. You know, you change their life one dog at a time.”

[Joel Sasse, Volunteer Veteran, Patriots for Pets] “I’m a disabled vet myself and I was having a very, very bad time. When I get frustrated or I get mad, she helps me to the point of she’ll come sit by me. I pet her, I relax myself.”

[Kern] “It’s not necessarily a therapy animal in the sense they can take them into a store or they can take them into a restaurant. It’s more of a companion. We find that a lot of our wounded warrior dogs that go out, they strictly want somebody to be there for them. Somebody they can pet, or somebody they can hold, or somebody that they can love.”

[Sasse] “I’m more laid back and easy to deal with versus less likely to blow up and rip somebody apart.”

[Kern] “Patriots for Pets is a small program, and when you see what the State Farm Neighborhood Assist program is made up of, it’s for the small guys like us.”

“We don’t get any federal funding or state funding or county funding, even city funding. So the $25,000 from State Farm was a huge kickoff. It gave us 50 percent of what we needed to get our footings in. So a program like that that comes into our neighborhoods and our communities and is willing to help small businesses like us or small organizations like us is huge for us.”

[Sasse] “If you get a chance to turn around and just to hold a puppy like I’ve this little angel I’ve got ahold of now, helps everyone and anyone.”

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